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she is a seeker..

Amid the sustained hum of café chatter, the clanging of seasoned pans and the stern “tap, tap, tap” of the barista’s portafilter, is where I’ve set up office.  You’ll find me with the familiar weight of a camera hanging from my neck, shifting quietly between the bar, the kitchen, or a tucked-away dining corner as I seek out the best vantage points for my client’s next portfolio. 

It's in spaces far removed from the confines of office partitions where my creative expression and career collide: in photography workshops; feasting on the sights, smells and sounds of the fresh produce market; at home tinkering with a new recipe of my own. Wine flowing. Music pumping. Dance socks (yes, there are such things) compulsory.

I’m a photographer, imagery content creator, social influencer, teacher, food stylist and recipe developer. A social media sous chef, to restaurants, bars and brands of Melbourne and regional Victoria. I’m a die-hard, bona fide foodie.  (So no, I can’t photograph your wedding, or pets, or kids. I don't do people; I do food.) I work alongside chefs and hospitality staff to capture imagery that sees their social media accounts and website deliver results they expect: more customers. As a brand ambassador and influencer I have worked on creative campaigns with iconic brands such as Nespresso, LG, Chobani, YouFoodz, Aldi and Gourmet Garden (just to name a few).

Exceptional food doesn’t need to be complicated. Neither does professional food photography.

My no-nonsense, flat rate with uncapped images means restauranteurs – too busy yelling “order up!” to fuss over social media - can have enough original content to fill their website and social media feeds for months, all captured within a couple of hours. (And without me getting in your hair.)

For the adventurous spirits keen to explore the art of photography - be it for love or livelihood – we can hang out at one of my photography workshops or private one on one sessions. I’ll teach you how to capture your own Insta-worthy images full of beautiful light and rich with emotion, without the need for fancy equipment (or the ongoing cost of professional photographs with every change). We’ll swap recipe secrets, drool over sticky maple bacon donuts together and most importantly, sit back and watch your business grow.

A coffee mid-pour; banter between host and guest; the garnish resting carefully on a dish made for someone else to enjoy - these are the details in my photographs that allow your diners to revel in their state of seeking. It’s when we take the time to fuss over the finer points that food becomes an artform that is dynamic, temporary, fleeting. 

It’s how we show our love.